Szkółka narciarska i wypożyczalnia Pec pod Śnieżką

Program dla firm

Need help with strengthening team spirit? Did you know that organized programs motivate the team to work together and to more effective achievement of goals? Do you want to unite your team in the mountains, but do not have a programme for him? Contact us. We can prepare schedule to meet your requirements - time dispositions, size of groups.

What we can offer ...

Company skiing

Weekend or more days of skiing, including evening, with a small banquet below the slope, ended with race.

Tasting styles

Every day something different - skiing, snowboarding, cross-country trip, racecarving, snowblades and finally something from retro telemark technique.

Racing programme

Improve your technique before company races. How slalom gates will advise you our specialists.


We build for you the giant slalom or parallel slalom and even cross-country circuit.

Telemark programme

Discover the magic of the free heel. Release your mind, forget your worries and go back in time, when the firm bindings on skis was not even a dream.

For beginners

Teach your team to move on snow.


Raut, sit-down with colleagues, evening programme, that is apres-ski after skiing.

Or are you looking for something completely different? Contact us! Any unusual assignment is a challenge for us.