Szkółka narciarska i wypożyczalnia Pec pod Śnieżką

Szkoła narciarska

Prywatne lekcje

  • max. 1 – 3 persons
  • very effective and intensive way of education
  • education any time at your pleasure
  • suitable for youngest skiers from 3 years old too
  • można znaleźć cenę lekcji w nasz cennik

Dziecięce lekcje

  • education in same time as group lessons
  • you can use any of our offer of private and family education too
  • children are in the charge of our specialists
  • in our school you can find everything from merry figures, toys to children’s tow
  • można znaleźć cenę lekcji w nasz cennik

Rodzinne lekcje (mała grupa)

  • max. 6 persons
  • lessons are in times 11 - 13 and 14 - 16, or 10 - 12 and 13 - 15 (low season)
  • very suitable also for snowboarding lessons
  • można znaleźć cenę lekcji w nasz cennik

Grupowe lekcje

  • group of 7 – 12 persons
  • 4 hours per day
  • lessons are in times 11 - 13 and 14 - 16, or 10 - 12 and 13 - 15 (low season)
  • division into groups according to your skill
  • starts on Sunday and Monday
  • można znaleźć cenę lekcji w nasz cennik


Perhaps it is unnecessary to elucidate on what snowboarding is. It is no news. Thus, only very briefly - snowboarding is ride on snowboard = plank on which a rider by using a special bind tightly strapped to his legs. Better than a long speech is to get snowboarding a try. Instructors of our snowboard school will gladly teach you snowboarding :-). You can find price of the lessons here. And of course, you can apply on a snowboard lessons our special prices too.


Telemark. Free heel skiing. Have you ever seen it? Have you ever tried it? Are you tired of endless ski or snowboard perfection? Get with us in mystique of untraditional sport branch, which the rediscovered telemark in today’s form really is. But for the initiator of this sport branch Sondre Norheim, skiing today would have completely different form. Today we can see on ski slope or on open terrain confessor of free heel and for that we are due to american initiators of new-born telemark. Telemark is becoming life philosophy for many people. For everyone means ride with free heel something different. There are no norms or rules.

There’s no exception to see confessor of free heel on ski slopes, in moguls, deep snow, at carving, short arcs, in U-ramp, at difficult jumps or on edges of mountains. It doesn’t matter if you are racer or pleasure-seeker, young or old, all are join together due to pleasure from unrepeatable experience from ride with free heel. Free your heel, free your mind.

In our rental you can find new telemark’s equipment from Scarpa, 7 tm and Salomon. You will work with our enthusiastic telemark’s riders, who made from you rider in a couple of hours and undoubtedly a lot of skiers and snowboard riders will turn round. This type of skiing has only one disadvantage. After some lessons you will be probably addicted…